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Father's Day Giveaway - Donating my old VO audio equipment

Posted by Jonas - 4 days ago

Hey gang.

I've upgraded my old audio equipment.

I'm giving away my old Audio Technica AT2020 microphone with stabilizer.

I'll ship it to anywhere in the US. (Sorry Canada, apologies once again.)

I'm going to give it away on June 20th, Father's Day, in honor of our founding father and everyone's favorite Dad, @tomfulp

Newgrounds is built on folks making cartoons and recording off webcam mics, etc. I'm lucky enough to move up in what I can do, but I want to help out some user than might not have that capability.

I'll pay for shipping and maybe even send you some Newgrounds goodies. (You'll need a NG account as I'll ask you to PM me your address.)

If you are a VO or someone that has always wanted to try, this is where you can get that chance.

I'll pick one person at random on June 20th from the comments below. All you have to do to enter is comment "Mic Me!"




Comments (17)

Considering I'm only working with a plug n' play USB mic, I think this is an upgrade!
Don't mic if I do...
I'm sorry I said that.?
Just "Mic Me!" brother.

Im not a voice actor, but its always something ive wanted to try, so Mic Me

Mic Me up, man! Always wanted to try my hand at an actual microphone

I do a lot of stuff involving audio as a hobby and all, this definitely would be better than using my simple lavalier mic lol. Mic me up ayy

Mic Me!

Been looking into upgrading my audio set up from USB and get actual mixers for XLR gear and this would be a prefect addition. So Mic Me up!

My name is Chancellor and I love voice acting I have been voice acting for a long time I really need this microphone because I really work hard on my computer and I take care of all my voice recording stuff and am working on a cartoon project coming soon
My mom got sick and passed away last year she told me if I work really hard and partice I can do anything I put my mind on these last five years it's have been challenging and though on me I have also work with some famous voice actors friends like Kyle herber and Steve bulm
If I win this contest it will mean a lot to me and I will take really good care of your microphone my mom had breast cancer it would make my mom proud of me so I appreciate you reading this
I really hope I can make a change
P.s this is chanceVa saying Mic Me up
Thanks for your time and have a great day

Mic me! (✷‿✷)

Mic Me!

Ive always wanted to voice act. Is it available internationally or only in US?
If internationally , Well hmmmm "Mic ME!" But if not international, im sad :(

US only for shipping. But I'm up front on it.

Mic me!

@HalfDemureOfficial @Jonas im sad but maybe if you have the ability to ship in other country. Mic Me!!! If I ever hands on a mic, Ill try my best to use as always as I can.

Mic me? But my name isn't mic

Mic Me my man! I've always needed an excuse for why I talk like a fuckin maniac alone in my house!

Mic Me! I've been voice acting one and off for a few months with just a USB mic, and would love the chance to upgrade! Thanks for the opportunity!

Mic Me! i think i need a replacement

Mic Me !! Im using a 5 year cardio microphone