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Howdy folks. (updated 7-18-07 4:45am)

2007-07-17 18:27:15 by Jonas

Looks like I'll have to fight every natural urge in my body to actually get any work done.

I was doing so well too, with the site being down I spent 7 hours working on art yesterday. I've just about got my first submission done for the 8 bit art contest, and considering I'm working 9 days in a row, I think that doing art will be the only thing keeping me sane(ish). However, I'm definately pretty happy being able to sit back and look at my work and go it's not looking like total bullshit. I'm working on a castlevania sprite from the third game. It'll wind up looking a little different from the base sprite, however the big thing is the coloring as I'll be going with the art style from the box art (which I'll post later). I think it'll look 405% better than the ugly drab brown and tan colors of the initial sprite. A very small preview is to the left in my picture currently.

I would cherish some advice on how to bring his hair into a slick feathery looking end piece, since I'm honestly not really tackled hair in depth, especially with color. Any help would be appreciated.

I thought I'd have a problem changing the color scheme, but I realized that's exactly what they did with T Hawk for the new Street Fighter. They killed the ugly looking pants and changed it to look more like existing art. GOOD CALL.

I'm completely anal LOL about details and I'm winding up spending like a fucking hour on the belt buckle of my drawing.

I'll probably whip some stuff up however for my page here, and get a new forum sig going as well since the length should have a bit of flex.

Oh and fun filled NG staff, you guys were totally right. Good call on not being able to change the backgrounds. That would have fagged everything up.


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