Entry #120

Oh Hi.

2012-02-15 01:06:32 by Jonas

I'm working on things.

I have some voice lines I owe people. You should know who you are.

If you didn't see it, I do voice acting. I even have a fancy* demo.

*Demo may not actually be fancy.

Here's something that'll be all pretty soon.

As per usual, this is just part of the drawing.

A close up if you will, as there are far more pieces to the puzzle that need to fall together.

A certain clown needs to be addressed.

Oh Hi.


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2012-02-15 01:47:09

Your name is Jonas.


2012-02-24 23:36:22

I thought your voice demo was spectacular indeed.


2012-02-29 17:22:15

looks like it should be pretty kick ass!