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Jonas's News

Posted by Jonas - August 17th, 2007

May have found a place to stay.

I should be moving in tomorrow.

Currently looking forward to a 65 and a half hour work week.
I had a new employee Friday, then Monday and Tuesday, they were a no call no show.

I think I'm supposed to sleep at some point. Almost working as much as Wade.

I'm down to 3 employees maybe, and they are taking vacations in the coming weeks.

We got hit with a F2 tornado on Friday, knocking out power over the weekend, and killing my sales gain. Topping this off with the lack of employees, it looks like I may be working 7 days a week open to close.

My health's failing worse now because of this stress, today my nose just started gushing blood and I ran to the bathroom. I tried to laugh it off as allergies, but I feel it's becoming apperant that my lack of sleep, steady diet and stress is causing my body to punish me. Tomorrow (wed 28th) will be my last day off for some time. I am spending the entire day driving up north 3 and a half hours, to move my stuff downstate.

I just really hope life will get better, because it keeps getting worse.

My body is shaking now because I haven't eaten in awhile, I'm going to eat and go to bed, and get ready for the morning.

Posted by Jonas - August 11th, 2007

Anyone need a roommate?
Moving to Fenton Michigan.

See you all in awhile.

Posted by Jonas - August 5th, 2007

I'm honored.

Thanks kids. I hate you a little less.

Posted by Jonas - August 4th, 2007

I didn't win anything in the art contest.

I guess I'll have to work harder at not being a fuck up.

Posted by Jonas - August 2nd, 2007

If you could save one already cancelled television show from getting cancelled, what would you have saved?

I would say Ducktales. 2 seasons was not enough.

Posted by Jonas - July 27th, 2007

I'm making some at cost Tshirts, so they will be sold at just the level of margin that let's me safely continue to print more, and I'm curious, are there any designs folks would enjoy seeing? It'll be typically an 8 1/2 by 11 design on white or black paper, but I've spur of the moment thought'd it'd be really cool to have some T shirts that you don't normally see.

Anything you've ever wanted to see on a Tshirt just toss my way, and who knows, maybe you'll see your idea in print or something.

I'll get hopping on some awesome shirts soon enough, because seriously, why not?


Posted by Jonas - July 26th, 2007

Boy, life's a bit weird and sometimes you really forget about what's important. After work I did a little soul searching and found that little piece of happiness I was missing.

I purchased Escape from NY, Escape from LA, and Big Trouble in Little China all on DVD.


Posted by Jonas - July 25th, 2007

It's done! Alright! Not much I can do, I'd sit and tweak it for hours, but I have to head to work! Any comments would be loved.

I think I messed up a little on the left knee, but ah well, way too busy and tired to care.

Posted by Jonas - July 25th, 2007

This is a direct quote from your recent comment on Chamber's blog.

Luis says:

On a more serious note, its nice to see someone actually make good use of these posts.. seriously this is the one userpage where you come away with something atleast semi useful. I was never a tranny fan but it was a refreshing read ... as was your review on the movie.

I happen to know for a fucking fact you are a huge fan of the trannies.

Luis, you god damn liar.

Posted by Jonas - July 24th, 2007

The whip was by far the most time consuming and tedious thing I've done, roughly 2 hours on it.

Here's a close up some detail. It looks much better when it's not compressed obviously. It's pixelated and a bit jaggy presented here, but it's very clear in the actual version.

This is roughly 900 % zoom. I work in 1200 - 2000 % constantly.

Can anyone recommend a good file dump site, since I'll need to host the picture somewhere!!