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It's not just my birthday today.

2011-02-27 10:16:25 by Jonas

It's also the day Mr. Rogers died.

It's Black Friday tomorrow.

2010-11-25 22:17:57 by Jonas

I'm pretty sick of all these ethnic holidays gang.

I feel like punching someone in the dick, and by punching, I mean slowly massaging like the god damn TSA.


See you all in Michigan for the Michigan Meet Up 2011.

Lots of stuff coming up in the funtastic future, keep your peeps peeled.

It's Black Friday tomorrow.


2010-08-09 16:58:38 by Jonas

I got a job, been busy.

Interesting how fast priorities change.

Heading off to Atlanta.

2010-06-25 06:14:51 by Jonas

See you all there, except everyone not going.


Oh hey, and hey, Tom got mauled by a Black bear last year.

He's still recovering.

Get well soon.

New flash next week. :3

Heading off to Atlanta.

My review of Prince of Persia

2010-06-08 05:27:16 by Jonas

Spoilers ahead.

White people poorly fight with special effects and bicker constantly. (You can stop reading now).

If the main characters have to stop and explain what just happened, you've failed artistically as a director.

If the main characters have to stop to comment insipidly on every banal bit of flavour you've tried to add to the world, you've failed as a writer, or possible set director.

If the main character's fight sequences are over so fast, you wish you could rewind time to understand whether or not you enjoyed what you just saw, you've failed as an editor.

If the main character has a slow motion pan of him pulling two swords out with a blurred out background, and no correlation as to why this shot is happening, you've failed at directing.

If the main villain decides to leave an all powerful artifact in the middle of a room guarded by a single assassin when he has several at his command, including guards, and the artifact itself has a WIN BUTTON on it, and somehow can't be used to defeat enemies coming to take it, at least go defend it yourself.

If your special effects make me wonder whether or not they at times were worse than X-Men Wolverine's Revenge, you've failed as an artistic director.

If your film somehow is seen as a lighthearted romp of a romantic comedy with light action and big hunky stars, you've failed as a marketing director.

OVERALL- This movie gets 4 White People out of 0 Persians.


My review of Prince of Persia

Frank Frazetta Died

2010-05-10 16:29:26 by Jonas

Today we lost one of the great artists of any genre.

Frank Frazetta died today.

And that sucks.

He was up there with some of my favorites, Ernie Chan, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Alex Toth.

What a tragic loss.

I'll have to revisit some fantasy art and think of him when I do so.

Who are your inspirational artists?


2010-04-06 03:54:26 by Jonas

Well geez.

Considering I've sorted/editted/uploaded the various 1000+ photos from the Newgrounds NYC meet up, managed to finish an art contest entry on time, and am now working hard on my Pico Day flash, I guess I can tackle the far easier stuff on my to do list.

Doing my taxes and finding a new job.

Anyone wanna hire with limited to no experience on anything outside of being a complete chode?

Also here's a photo of Mike and a tshirt on his body.


Hey gang.

2010-04-02 18:20:53 by Jonas

Still not dead.

Mood improving.

Apologies in advance.


2010-03-22 04:19:54 by Jonas

Well goodness, it looks like all those photos are nearly ready to be posted.

I bet you kids want to know all about what happened at the NYC meet up.

Rain, Lesbians, an Apple Store, and a Spiderman cookie is the quickest summation I can give you, considering the pictures will speak for themselves, and include none of the things that I just mentioned that all happened, save for one.

Til then, here's a steamy teaser and a new special friend we met.

/* */


I'm not pretentious about voice acting but...

2010-01-17 20:24:43 by Jonas

I am tired of scripts that people don't bother proofing.

Alright all you knuckleheaded would be artists and game makers, let me speak from the bottom of my heart (at little to no charge I might add!)

If you want someone to record lines for you, before you give all of the fine folks on your little email list a script that you hammered out in some throw of passion thinking that everything is kosher, and speaks a novel of your amazing skill as a writer/designer READ YOUR OWN WORK OUT LOUD BEFORE YOU SEND IT OFF.

I'm sick of stopping mid recording because Johnny Noveletta decided that he couldn't be bothered to spell check something, or because he forgot BASIC WORDS IN HIS SCRIPT.

Examples of current idiocy. I'm not singling anyone out, but this is just one script I've received and some of the examples of POOR WRITING SKILLS. I want to record lines for you guys, but I'm not your copy editor, nor is any self respecting voice actor. If you can't get yourself to produce READABLE scripts, you shouldn't be making them.

Original Line -
- I didn't see the world from different point of view than just mine. I was selfish.

Well is it "- I didn't see the world from (a) different point of view than just mine. I was selfish."


"- I (couldn't) see the world from (a) different point of view other than mine. I was selfish."

or again for better flow

"- I (couldn't) see the world from (a) different point of view other than (my own). I was selfish."

and even then, being selfish doesn't fit.

See when you have a hot broad and you don't let your friends tap that second, third, or even sixth, that's being selfish. When you fail to listen to other people's thoughts, that's either being stubborn or closeminded. THERE ARE OTHER WORDS TO DESCRIBE EMOTIONS. USE A THESAURUS.

This is just a single line off an entire script, but there's plenty more I could be pressed into sharing, but really my point stands. You should be able to read your own script out loud as should someone else. When in doubt ask your Mom to proofread it. She'll be proud you ain't drawing tits, and are such a sensitive well thought out child.

Anyways, if you want a voice, that's fucking great. I'll be glad to help, but send me a script that actually shows you're serious about what you're doing, I'm serious about what I do.

And now, I'm going to record fart noises.

Oh and bonus line from same script.

"- It's his Tamashii no Ame, Soul's Rain."

If you have to explain the meaning of a word while speaking it, kill yourself.

It's his DICKFUCKMCSPARKLE. Soul's Rain.

I love you guys, let me know if you need some voices.