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Jonas's News

Posted by Jonas - October 10th, 2009

Hey folks.

Working on a Madness flash with Krinkels, it'll be up sometime in the next week or so. Things have been a little crazy on the home front.

Hope to see you all in Atlanta, GA the 16th- 18th, for the Newgrounds meet up.

Check it out!

Atlanta and Madness.

Posted by Jonas - September 19th, 2009

Hey gang!

It's Sept 19th, the ONLY holiday I celebrate with any given mirth what so ever.

International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

I've been celebrating it for MINUTES already.

I'll be waiting to see if anyone does really awesome Pirate flash today, and even more excited if someone managed to do something with my entry.

Today I'll be dressed in my fanciest of pirate hats, and heading down to Ann Arbor, Michigan to enjoy my first University of Michigan game ever in the Big House. Go Blue, and such!

However, I don't know if the excitement will rival today's, as I found my package of spices from Mickey and T's arrived. THE FINEST GRILL SUPPLEMENTS SINCE FIRE. Awesome amazing rubs and spices.

Check them out!

I really like Taste of Mexico myself, and if you like to grill, you owe to yourself to check them out.

Currently working on a flash animation for Halloween. I really need to play catch up on a bunch of owed pieces of work, including a stupidly long owed bit of voice acting.

Mildly disappointed that the Metropolis Disaster collab fell apart. I was doing some VA for that, but the whole thing didn't come together due to lack of capability of the organizer. SHAME.

Other than that, reading some great new webcomics,


Fun Fact about wheresmyshoe, you'll find that the artist actually used to be fairly frequent on submitting things to Newgrounds, and it's a great strip!

Homework is fun

Also Yotam ( Lazy Muffin) knew me from the Wheresmyshoe forum, which is honestly, the most crazy forum I've run into in a long time. Sorry general forum, step up your game.

Finished up my art submission for the NG calender contest, still need to get that High resolution picture up, but whatever, I'll deal with that after some sleep.

My Calender submission.

Beyond that, I'll be heading off to Denver next week for the big meet up out there. Will I see any of you users around there?

Oh and one last note, how many people would like see a Chicago meet up?

Avast, updates, football, and spices!

Posted by Jonas - September 16th, 2009

Appropriate Linkage.

Check it out!

My level is 427 - Existence.

Posted by Jonas - August 25th, 2009

There's finally something about the movie we can all cream ourselves over.


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Hey Twilight Fans

Posted by Jonas - August 17th, 2009

Hey Gang, hope your August has been filled with a variety of cold drinks and hot ideas! Since Luis is backlogged building the SDCC meet site (AND MONTREAL), and to my knowledge, these have never seen the light of day, here's a TON of unreleased photos from San Diego Comic Con. I realize they are a little late, but ultimately this really haven't been floating around, so I figured I'd let all you guys and gals check them out. Since these photos are well.... take a look for yourself.

See a photo you like? Why not discuss it in the General Forum?

I think that's it for me traveling for the year though! Which is a pity since there's still Denver, Atlanta, Montreal, and other meets being planned constantly.

I would have really liked to hit Atlanta up too! That's home of the Ghetto burger!!

I thought about throwing another Newgrounds Michigan get together near the end of September, but don't know how many of you would be interested hanging out in Ann Arbor again(or for the first time!), and for a second day event/treat we'd be hitting the Ren Faire. That's right, mutton, pickles, and wenches. Perhaps some other time.

Photo time!

Here's a bunch of shots of the Behemoth Booth

Here's general con madness going on !

Here's a bunch of NGers and such hijinx

Here's the photos from the interview from G4TV with Adam Sessler, Tom, Dan and Orange Princess

And the after party. CRAZYYYYYY times.

Beyond that, I've got a wide variety of stuff to work on, here's the run down.

Voice Acting -
Synnyr's lines half done. I'll push those out in a big mass thing and have them taken care off quickly.

That's it for voice acting currently! I'm finally freed up, which is a good thing. I can do more voice acting or projects.

Movies in the pipeline for 2009/2010

Madness Day Flash
Clockmas Flash
Dress Up Game
Superman Flash
Foamy Flash
Gaming Group Flash(es)

And maybe something for Halloween. Sorry for the general titles without descriptions. I figure I'll let you try and guess what I could come up with. HINT - Not a single one is nautical based.

Besides all that, I'm currently enjoying some music, would you care to recommend a few good artists, and tracks to me? I'm always eager for new stuff.

Other than that, I'm sucked into BlazBlue on Xbox 360. That's a lot of fun stuff right there. Iron Tager is lots of fun, as is Rachel!

So there's a good solid update, and unfortunately, I forgot to bring enough to share with everyone, so I'll be taking my snacks and Ecto Cooler back to my house, and enjoying them there.

Apologies in advance.

San Diego Comic Con Photos/ Next Flash

Posted by Jonas - August 2nd, 2009

That's right, a celebration of amazing animals that will eat the crap out of near anything that they have in front of them.

Now I'm sure you love and/or LOVE my shark themed flash on the Front Page, but what other Shark based flashes have you seen on Newgrounds?

There's no Shark collection, so it could be a neat little hunt for everyone to find different shark based cartoons or games!

I hope your shark week is FINTASTIC.

/* */

Posted by Jonas - July 15th, 2009

I'm off to San Diego Comic Con, why not check out the new flash I made?

Egoraptor did the voices.

I did the apologizing.

New flash is out!!

Posted by Jonas - July 2nd, 2009

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Posted by Jonas - June 17th, 2009

Got a bunch of lines done, blah now I'm whipped though, have to get up for work soon enough. Will email them out this evening.

Of note Synnr and Yuri, your lines are the ones I'm talking about. Will get them compiled. Try to be on AIM if you have it, so I can rerecord takes.

Oh, and I'm off to Philly for the Wizard World convention.

Catch me and various more important people at the NG booth.

Edit- Bear with me folks, I'm having compression issues on the voice work. I'm facepalming and banging my head currently. I will try and fix this ASAP, and I really really apologize for holding up the projects. I'm not sure what's going on but I'm getting slight screeching that won't unedit from my clips. I'll do a few diagnostics when I get back, but I have a 10 hour car trip, and two hours of sleep.

This is what happens when you record lines with multiple takes, and don't play them back. I wonder if this is the same reason I'm having Stickam issues.

Time to look over the whole computer. BLAH.

Posted by Jonas - June 9th, 2009

Plenty of stuff to go over in the next few days.

Lots of photos, lots of fun.

Time to play catch up with voice work, and tomorrow (whoops, I guess today now!) I start my new part time job.

Gotta get myself back in shape as well.

Any tips for losing weight? I have about 100 pounds of emotional baggage I'd like to dump.