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Old habits

2008-12-11 02:11:28 by Jonas

Man, I am totally drawing furry porn and shit because I'm unemployed.

Last time I was doing this, I was trying to pay through college.

So who needs fursona drawings and con badges?


Old habits

So Left 4 Dead....

2008-11-21 21:57:03 by Jonas

Who's up for killin' some of them thar zombie folks?

JonasNG on XBL.


I can't wait for Thanksgiving...

2008-11-21 00:54:25 by Jonas

I am far too sick of eating Ramen, Saltines, Peanut Butter and Tuna day after day.

(Sometimes together, sometimes not.)

Maybe I'll spice it up by stealing honey packs from a fast food joint.

I need to sell everything thing I own soon, because I don't know what I am going to do for rent.

Seriously, fuck Michigan's economy, and fuck unemployment.

I just want to sell things and make other people money.

I am having a special guest this weekend! And this one's a special friend of everyone!

Let's hope for the best.

Anyone wanting a extra neat phone call should be tossing that number in my PM box as per the 'I promise I'll call thread' I started.

Oh ho ho.

We're up for hijinx.

Art Thread

2008-10-27 23:50:25 by Jonas

Finally got off my ass, and finished something to satisfaction. IM if you want the full sized shit on anything you see me post.

I take too much time drawing shit.



2008-10-22 23:24:05 by Jonas

Alright, Fable II won me over when there's a character named Old GREGG

Speed Racer

2008-10-19 02:33:29 by Jonas

Just got done watching Speed Racer (2008) from XBL fresh of Chamber's recommendation.

Holy sweet creamy shit.

That movie was like a Popsicle for my eye balls.

I am glad I tossed down the extra 120 MS points or whatever for HD, because that movie was ridiculous.

My only complaint? WAY TOO MANY FACE WIPES.

Dear god, go pick the fucking thing up and watch it.

It's silly, fun, and colorful.

You'll be tasting the rainbow in no time.

3.0 Done

2008-10-07 01:47:10 by Jonas

I just blew like 3 hours to revise the old game, however, that's set finally. Left the game away from where I could work on it.

Now I have to add about 100 random personnel. (Sorry J, but they are fodder, so there's nothing to them) Thankfully, I've got the names down already(I'll discuss how I got all of them later), I just need to spam them out and create filler.

Create the rules set on paper for everyone else, print, playtest, and ship back out, and we should be all set.

I'm gunning for Q1 and I am deeply hoping that this is all good on my end, and it just keeps getting better and better.

You guys will love this shit. PROMISE.

Hold on to your dicks, it's going to be swell.

We're getting past ALPHA, now it's Beta time soon enough. One last hurdle, and preproduction starts.

Also sorry for being all vague and shit.

Make or break time.

2008-09-21 02:12:28 by Jonas

All of my hard work comes down to the actual playtest now for green lighting.

If the cards don't wow them, I'm prepared to bribe them.

/* */

The Playtest Went Well

2008-09-15 07:32:17 by Jonas

The Game Whose Name Cannot be spoken just got finished doing a big alpha playtest with a crew up north.

It's terrible not locally having anyone around to do this shit, I wound up driving 3 hours to squeeze a few games in.

Everyone had lots of fun though, and could handle learning it while drunk so that is a very good sign.

The proper crew for the Beta Test though will be getting it drop shipped later this week.

For now though, sleep and lots of it as I'm terribly tired from this week.

I've been doing 90 hours a week between both jobs, and I'm so close to being able to getting back to 8 hours of sleep vs 4.

For the first time in a long while though, something I have started will be seen through, and I am proud that the quality I felt I put into was worth my time.

I truly hope that everyone else agrees when/if this comes out.