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Ng Mod Meat 2008 Recap

2008-07-01 03:21:00 by Jonas

This'll be edited a little later. But yanking Sard's style and giving shout outs.

Jonas would like to talk about... (With bonus Paul, UberBarista!)
Paul - The closest thing to a brother whom I don't wanna beat the shit out of, one love, my man.
Aaron (Neg) - Sup Neg, good to chat with you, and hope you continue to have that consistent annoyed look for my existence. <3
Adam (CaptainBob) - Your drunken dicking around ruined Cromartie High for the folks trying to watch Freddie. The drumset is not a remote. Stop trying. No one ever comes before Freddie. He is powerful.
Steve - A pleasure as always, you're someone I regret not hanging with more often.
Karl (Blue) Svelte.
Malachy - I am happy you weren't vomiting... everywhere.
Matt (mighty) - Thankful you weren't giving me directions this year.
Keith (avie) - You are the only one I can discuss how bullshit DC's continuity is.
Lindsay (mama) - Hi Lin. Miss ya. Enjoy your backrub.
Steven (Sardonic) - The only guy I've chatted with in years that can bounce off voice ideas and series with me. Let's make hot sexy flash love sometime.
Viktor (Rucklo) - You have a beautiful soul. I look forward to chatting with you more often.
Anna - I like your name, because I can spell it easily. My bad for not chatting with you sooner!
Chris (JoS) - You show up and we barely hang out this year? You suck dude, we're doubling down the fun factor next year, for sure.
Shawn (Afro) - Good chatting, thanks for the help with the most childish aspects of flash. I hope to work on getting myself out of my working hell hole with your help.
Louis (Pox) - Good man, glad to see you, great times with ya, many more to come.
Luis - What a good crazy time. Glad to see ya, and hope to be in touch.
Mike - I hope you enjoyed the games and backrub. IT WAS EXTRA SPECIAL.
Tim - Sir, you fucking kicked that shit grill's ass. I enjoyed our casual discussions.
Bob - Awesome kicking back with you, will stay in touch, and annoy the shit out of you later on.
Wade - Thanks for showing me how to set the aperture on my camera. Good times rocking with you on gears, and see you online in a few days.

And last but not least...

Tom - I could say a million things , but most importantly, You and I like the same music. I expect you to PM me with music that you discover.

It was good chatting with the whole office crew, playing Castle Crashers (Which is really really
tricky to beat), and relaxing... something that I need to stop post tomorrow.

I look forward to the many prospects that are ahead, and hope to continue to enjoy everything that the site brings to everyone else.



Ng  Mod Meat 2008 Recap


2008-06-19 12:11:17 by Jonas

I'm trying to find a good webcam that I can record video on.

My first attempt wound up getting a webcam that only records 50 second clips, and that won't do at all.

Any ideas for someone looking to get a video blog going?

Ugh... it's way too hot!

2008-06-06 11:57:08 by Jonas

It's like 95F here, and supposed to be that way all day.

I'll be sucking down water all day, but seriously it's crazy hot.

I'm not at Applecon which is a huge bummer, but I've got too much stuff to take care of before I head out to Philly this year for the mod meet.

That'll be good times.

In other news, I joined a gym yesterday for the summer, so that I can turn my single pack into a sixpack.

My general habit of eating once a day, isn't a very good option!!

Peace out gang, lots of fun stuff coming down the pipe line.

Ninja Gayden collab anyone?


2008-05-25 10:47:35 by Jonas

I hooked up a KVM switch to my xbox 360 and my computer. I bought a new LG 22 inch flatpanel monitor. Still have to get the computer, but it's a good solid step to consolidating work and play since I can just switch between the two things when I want.

That and I was running a 15 inch color TV before with terrible sound, and a 15 inch CRT monitor that weighed like 30 pounds. This works awesome and looks great.


Mmmmm.... oh yeah baby.

2008-05-07 21:35:05 by Jonas

It's on.

/* */


2008-04-15 02:30:00 by Jonas




So that photo dump....

2008-04-13 00:47:54 by Jonas

Hey, they are all up! Nearly 400!!

Montreal Photo Dump

2008-03-28 22:56:33 by Jonas

It's going to hit this Sunday night.

But I realized that I've never seen Robocop before. Don't spoil it! I'm watching it right now!!

O Canada.

2008-03-20 18:43:19 by Jonas

It's fucking on. Frangelico and Old Monk might be making a few stops to your soft lips.