Jonas's News

Hey gang. 

I know we don't talk that often anymore.

You and I, we're seeing different people, we're just going in different directions. 

Sometimes though, the universe loops us back around in a head on collision course towards a violent orgasm.

It may or may not be a nightly occurance with some folks that may require medical attention. 


If you're able to hold in your blood enough to type feverishly hellbent on satisfaction and glorious carnage have I got the sweet succulant vidja game chocolate for you.

Let's talk about what my fine friends Matt Jolly and Mike Swain have been up to. They've spent the last year pouring over a meticulously faithful recreation of perhaps the largest undertaking of any game possible.

It's taken months of manpower and work, but they've been in talks with several creative types creating creative things, and have been embroiled in a high stakes poker game known as Kickstarter.

It's amazing. They are finally showing off some of their work and it's been stellar.

You've been asking for it. 

They listened. 


Swain and Krinkels are set to announce tomorrow their largest project yet.

Downton Abbey the Game


A simulation game based on the 1900s Downton Estate and a spectacularly detailed run down of both the upper and lower class house holds. 


Managing the staff concerns with new technology, rumors and the impending world war, you'll find your hands full when you find funds low and tensions high! It's all well and good to think of high society, but however will you manage the grand Christmas dinner when your head cook's come down with Yellow Fever? 

You'll be working with and against other estates to manage limited land resources in this rogue like rpg war simulation strategy action romance MMORPGFPSRTS and only with your help will their vision succeed.



Madness Day News from the Gang

2013-09-21 22:46:57 by Jonas

Sure would be cool if Swain and Krinky-poo had something sassy for all of you kids.

Ho Ho Ho. Perhaps you'll find out tomorrow.


Also have some old unfinished art for a shirt I never made.


Madness Day News from the Gang

Favorite Fruit.

2012-12-17 14:23:24 by Jonas


I like pumpkins myself.

10 Years Old

2012-09-13 01:40:38 by Jonas

Well that was fun.

Ten years on Newgrounds with this account.

Here's to ten more years of failing to live up to expectations.

I love each and everyone of you right on your sweet tender mouths.

New Cartoon, Avengers Thing

2012-07-25 14:40:17 by Jonas

So fucking sorry.

It's got penises and superheros.

My bad.

New Cartoon, Avengers Thing

Yeah, new thing soon.

2012-05-12 14:40:52 by Jonas

Sorry gang. I'll be posting a new cartoon this weekend/Monday.

If you haven't seen the Avengers, better fix that shit.

The whole cartoon is one giant spoiler.

Yeah, new thing soon.

Something new soon.

2012-03-06 01:26:12 by Jonas

New thing out soon.

Hope you all enjoy it when you're able to get to it.

Art's all done, just gotta wait for the programming.

Here's a peek.

He's a bad dude. I kno rite.

Something new soon.

Oh Hi.

2012-02-15 01:06:32 by Jonas

I'm working on things.

I have some voice lines I owe people. You should know who you are.

If you didn't see it, I do voice acting. I even have a fancy* demo.

*Demo may not actually be fancy.

Here's something that'll be all pretty soon.

As per usual, this is just part of the drawing.

A close up if you will, as there are far more pieces to the puzzle that need to fall together.

A certain clown needs to be addressed.

Oh Hi.

New Kartoon for Kool Kidz

2011-11-24 06:12:29 by Jonas

Merry Gobble Day.

Gobble Day Preloader here.

Finally Getting Ready

2011-09-23 15:38:19 by Jonas

Moving to Philadelphia next week.

Apologies in advance.

I'll be the one walking down the street looking classy.

Finally Getting Ready